DSE’s 1st Annual Southern Slam a Huge Success

detroit-speed-southern-slamMooresville, NC – The 1st Annual American Street Car Series Southern Slam hosted by Detroit Speed had everything you could ask for in a weekend event. From old muscle cars to new, the competitors came out in numbers and put on a show running the road course on Saturday and finishing up on the autocross Sunday morning.

The Detroit Speed crew arrived at Carolina Motorsports Park early Friday afternoon for setup and to get some track time with the 1970 Camaro Test Car, the 1969 Camaro Test Car, the 1966 Mustang Test Car, the FR500S Mustang and the new 2012 Camaro. As more and more familiar faces pulled into the track the buzz surrounding the weekend was beginning to build. Kyle took a group of drivers out on the track for some on course tips to keep them on the track and keep their times low. Then it hit. Just as a few of our test cars and other competitors were finishing up some late afternoon runs, the clouds collapsed and let loose a heavy rain that lasted into the early hours of Saturday morning. The track testing for the day was over, but the event was just beginning.

Saturday morning was ushered in by unseasonably cool temperatures but plenty of sunshine. After tech and registration was finished the competitors gathered underneath the Detroit Speed hauler for the driver’s meeting and some last minute tips on handling a damp and cool track. The road course started just after 9:00 AM with 6 run groups of 8-10 cars getting around 10-15 minutes of track time. Kyle and Stacy Tucker having hundreds and hundreds of lap experience at CMP were out in front of each pack for a warm up that allowed the drivers to see the line that would yield the lowest track times.

The roar of engines and squeal of tires were the background music for a morning of non-stop road course racing that lasted right up until the last minute for lunch. This was a great chance for the drivers to make any minor or major modifications to their vehicles trying to pry any extra time they could away from the notoriously unforgiving track at CMP. It was also a great chance to give the engine a breather and cool down for what would be a warmer afternoon filled with more road course racing.

Racing was back underway just before 2:00 PM with drivers itching to get back on the course and knock some time off of their morning runs. The afternoon brought with it more sunshine and higher temperatures which resulted in high track and tire temps. You had to be careful to follow your lines and trust the information that Kyle, Stacy and the other highly experienced CMP drivers had to offer. Stacy and Kyle also offered up their passenger seat for ride alongs the entire day so drivers could see the perfect lines at high speed.

Racing lasted throughout the afternoon until the early evening hours. A low country boil was in store for all who attended the event following a long day of road course racing. Following the low country boil was the ever competitive go-kart racing and as always Albert Melchoir of Carbon Customs broke out the grill and whipped up some pork chops and steaks throughout the evening. Drivers relaxed and re-energized for what would prove to be an exciting day of high-speed autocross action Sunday morning.

Sunday morning was even cooler than Saturday with low temps sitting in the high 30’s as the sun came up over the horizon. Another driver’s meeting and a quick walk through of the track preceded the non-stop fast paced autocross action. With a large track the event organizers were able to send three competitors out at a time staggered to optimize the amount of runs each driver would be able to make. The autocross track was just over a mile long with runs in the low 60’s. The competition was tight the entire time with the winner posting a time just under a second better than the 2nd place finisher.

After all the excitement was over it was time for the awards ceremony. Mike Holleman, who celebrated his birthday on Saturday, was awarded the Spirit of the Event award which comes with an invitation to showcase his ride at SEMA and compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Pahrump, NV following the show. We also presented Scott Carey and his 1964 Chevelle with the Gear Jammer award. Scott actually had to stop at a driveshaft shop in Mooresville, NC and install his new driveshaft in the Mooresville Wal-Mart parking lot before continuing on to Kershaw and competing hard all weekend. Congrats also goes out to Douglas Wind who won the road course portion of the event and to Daniel Walters who took home the autocross trophy.

We were absolutely thrilled with the entire turnout at Carolina Motorsports Park and had a blast with many friendly faces new and old. We look forward to the second annual event next year! We would like to thank American Street Car Series for allowing us to be part of their family and also BFGoodrich and Jet-Hot who are the perfect sponsors for an event like this. We’ll see you
next year!

See the Southern Slam Friday images here.
See the Southern Slam Saturday images here.
See the Southern Slam Sunday images here.
Southern Slam Road Course Results

No. Name Time
1. Douglas Wind 01:44.965
2. Steve Kepler 01:44.965
3. Chris Porter 01:48.480
4. Daniel Walters 01:48.591
5. Karl Dunn 01:48.828
6. Justin Snow 01:49.666
7. Tim McGilton 01:49.840
8. Eric Siegenthaler 01:50.943
9. Ron Schwarz 01:52.082
10. Matt Adams 01:52.804
11. Smokie Ingram 01:55.257
12. Tom Farrington 01:55.550
13. Matt Lippert 01:55.806
14. Michael Congelosi 01:55.984
15. Jason VanSickle 01:56.004
16. Clinton Simmons 01:56.306
17. Eric Baumgartner 01:56.728
18. David Hamilton 01:56.970
19. Mike Holleman 01:57.016
20. Herb Adams 01:57.016
21. Mark Turner 01:57.345
22. Scott Carey 01:57.541
23. Brad Granger 01:58.040
24. Walter Jones 01:58.161
25. Buddy Buchanan 01:58.534
26. Tom Tomlinson 01:58.623
27. Debbie McGilton 01:59.130
28. James Harrell 01:59.558
29. Wentworth Howard 01:59.780
30. Ben Vess 02:00.000
31. Tim Strange 02:00.319
32. Tony Clark 02:00.341
33. Brian Peacoe 02:00.856
34. Roy Majors 02:01.416
35. Mike South 02:01.683
36. Gene Owans 02:02.277
37. Cheryl Herrick 02:03.217
38. John Woods 02:03.735
39. Brett Smith 02:04.053
40. John Kundrat 02:04.177
41. Blake Tomlinson 02:04.233
42. Geoff Porter 02:04.486
43. David Thomas 02:05.157
44. David Kim 02:05.645
45. Randy Haskins 02:06.102
46. Matt Tyler 02:06.494
47. Jerry Noonan 02:07.092
48. Larry Woo 02:12.690

1. Kyle Tucker – 1:44.341
2. Ryan Mathews – 1:45.277
3. Brian Finch – 1:46.194
4. Stacy Tucker – 1:48.891

Southern Slam Autocross Results

No. Name Time
1. Daniel Walters 60.413
2. Jordan Mance 61.012
3. Eric Siegenthaler 61.238
4. Jason VanSickle 61.360
5. Chris Porter 61.430
6. Karl Dunn 61.501
7. Tim McGilton 62.205
8. Tom Farrington 62.613
9. Steve Kepler 62.931
10. Ben Vess 63.328
11. Michael Congelosi 63.498
12. Justin Snow 64.062
13. Matt Lippert 64.146
14. Cheryl Herrick 64.671
15. Eric Bumgartner  64.929
16. Douglas Wind 65.010
17. Brad Granger 65.534
18. Larry Woo 66.096
19. Scott Carey 66.118
20. Tony Clark 66.593
21. Randy Haskins 66.681
22. Howard Wentworth 66.763
23. Clinton Simmons 66.837
24. Matt Adams 66.886
25. Walter Jones 67.078
26. Geoff Potter 67.277
27. David Kim 67.429
28. Mills Robinson 67.790
29. Buddy Buchanan 68.101
30. Brett Smith 68.685
31. Mike Holleman 68.866
32. James Harrell 68.867
33. Mike South 68.906
34. John Kundrat 69.651
35. Blake Tomlinson 69.801
36. Herb Adams 70.884
37. Tim Strange 70.990
38. Tom Tomlinson 71.806
39. Deborah McGilton 72.538
40. David Thomas 72.667

1. Ryan Mathews – 60.947
2. Kyle Tucker – 61.000
3. Brian Finch – 61.222 

4. Stacy Tucker – 63.694


About Detroit Speed

Thank you for your interest in Detroit Speed, Inc. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know more about the capabilities of our company. We are excited about the prospect of helping you transform your project into a state-of-the-art car for the 21st century. Detroit Speed was founded to provide automotive components and systems which deliver late model vehicle ride and handling expected from a world class OEM vehicle. Detroit Speed has developed our own line of products that have been through extensive engineering analysis, testing, and development to assure our customers receive the highest quality performance parts with eye appeal. Each and every part we design is unique and meets only the highest DSE standards for fit, finish, and function. In addition, we distribute high quality products from other recognized companies in the automotive aftermarket that we have tested, meet our high standards, and have been successfully used in our own projects. We also have a complete fabrication facility to transform your vehicle into the ride of your dreams. Whether it is a turn-key project, rolling chassis, or custom fabrication project, we can handle it all. You will receive the highest quality work and attention to detail from our expert fabricators. We are confident we will exceed your expectations. The staff at Detroit Speed, Inc. is comprised of experienced automotive engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts whose love of cars is evident in the attention to detail in every project and every part. We have a staff of mechanical engineers that are involved with product development, analysis, and vehicle projects. Their expert background means that not only will your parts and projects look good, but they will function properly for many years to come. You can be sure you are getting only the best from Detroit Speed, Inc. Detroit Speed has accumulated a list of references including the highly acclaimed Twister Camaro. If you want to make a strong statement in the industry, we would like to talk with you in more detail about participating in your next project

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