Detroit Speed Captures the Sponsor Shootout and Pro Class Autocross at the PPG Goodguys Columbus Nationals The 2013 PPG Goodguys Columbus Nationals was another home run for Goodguys, the weather was fantastic and thousands of cars and tens of thousands of spectators lined the Columbus Expo Center for three days of fun, food, and fast cars.

Historically, the Goodguys Columbus Nationals has always been a very good show for Detroit Speed. From winning the Street Machine of the Year award in 2000 with the “Twister” Camaro, Stacy’s “Woman of the Year” award, to the multiple “Best New Product” wins, the countless autocross victories and this year was no different. Kyle Tucker, piloting the DSE 1970 Camaro Test Car, took home the Sponsor Shootout for Detroit Speed along with a check for $5,000 dollars. Not to be outdone, Ryan Mathews claimed victory in the Pro Class shootout driving Stacy’s 1969 Camaro Test Car to victory lane. It wasn’t just the driving that made this a wonderful weekend at Goodguys. Detroit Speed also presented customers Randy and Nancy Fricke with their recently completed 1969 HTR 525 Camaro and had two entries for “Best New Product” of the year with the 1963-1967 Corvette Electric Headlight kit and 5th Generation Camaro Coilover Conversion Kit on display.

The three day event started off Friday morning to beautiful blue skies on a cool crisp morning. The temperatures hovered in the mid 60’s and barely rose over 70 degrees the entire day. This would be perfect weather for the start of the show and some morning autocross action. The autocross at Goodguys Columbus has grown substantially over the past few years. The Pro Class kicked off with Kyle, Stacy, and Ryan piloting the DSE 1970 Camaro Test Car, the 1969 Camaro Test Car, and the DSE 1966 Mustang Test Car respectively.

The autocross gates opened right at 9:00 AM and cars were already in line wrapped around the multitude of EZ ups that companies used as their pit stalls. Kyle, Ryan and Stacy all had great early morning runs which left Kyle with the top time of the Pro Class heading into the lunch break. During the lunch break the autocross course opened up for Street Machine of the Year Contestants. In recent years, part of qualifying for the Street Machine of the Year competition, the builders or car owners must prove that their build is capable of being considered a “Street” Machine. Each participant must complete 2 laps around the autocross to even be considered.

After the Street Machine participants completed their required laps, the track opened back up to all the other classes for some more high intensity autocross action. Many DSE Equipped vehicles were running hard on the autocross including:
• Brian Finch in his 1971 Camaro
• Tim McGilton of Jet-Hot in his Camaro
• Cheryl Herrick of Jet Hot in the 1965 Chevy II Wagon
• Deb McGilton in her 1969 Camaro
• Roger Burman, Josh Leisinger, and Karen Leisinger in their 1970 Camaro
• Kenny Edwards in his 1968 Camaro
• Bob Bertelson in his 1971 Camaro
• Larry Woo in his 1968 Camaro
• Michael Manning in his 1969 Camaro
• Bobby Alloway in his 1967 Camaro
• Paul Van Nus 1967 Chevy II (Muscle Machine of the Year Finalist)

Needless to say, there was no shortage of DSE Equipped cars. As always, we are more than happy to help any competitor with any questions they may have on the autocross.

Now Goodguys Columbus wasn’t just about the autocross for DSE. Some Very exciting things were going on at the booth. Randy and Nancy Fricke’s 2010 HTR 600 Camaro and matching DSE built 1969 HTR 525 Camaro were on display along with the 2012 One Lap of America Camaro Test Car. Randy and Nancy Fricke were on hand Thursday night when DSE unveiled the recently completed 1969 Camaro that was built with the purpose of matching their unique 2010 Camaro. They were thrilled and came back to the booth multiple times during to the show to revel in their new acquisition.

Saturday was a big day at the autocross for Detroit Speed. It was the annual Sponsor Shootout. Kyle, sponsored by Detroit speed, drove the 1970 Camaro Test Car while Stacy being sponsored by Auto Meter drove her 1969 Camaro Test Car. Ryan drove the JRI sponsored 1966 Mustang Test Car. A special thanks goes out to Auto Meter and JRi Shocks for their faith in us and for their sponsorship during the Sponsor Shootout. We appreciate them giving us the opportunity to compete in the competition. The Shootout started out with some practice rounds and a qualifying round, Kyle, Stacy and Ryan were ready for some competition. Kyle and Ryan made it past the first round while Stacy was just edged out and made an unfortunate early exit. For the semi-finals Kyle took on Brian finch in a hotly contested match up. Kyle squeaked by Brian and punched his ticket for the finals. Ryan ran into some transmission trouble and had to unfortunately bow out of the competition. In the finals, Kyle was lined up against Rob McGregor in his lightning quick C10 Chevy pickup. Rob had been putting down fast times all morning and actually qualified first with a 35.03. This allowed Rob to choose to chase or be chased. Rob selected to be chased. During his run Rob just clipped a cone which added a 1 second penalty to his time. Kyle was able to smooth out a solid run which was just enough to capture his first Sponsor Shootout victory and a check for 5,000 dollars. With the Sponsor Shootout completed, the teams broke for lunch and would reconvene in the afternoon to finish the class qualifying before Sunday’s class Shootouts. With the DSE 1966 mustang on the shelf with some transmission issues (which turned out to be minor) Ryan and Stacy were now taking turns wheeling the DSE 1969 Camaro test car. Stacy was putting up her best times of the weekend while Ryan put up his best times as well and qualified for the pro class and actually knocked out his boss Kyle from the Shootout that was to be held Sunday morning. Back at the booth traffic was heavy throughout the day with customers flocking to see the new DSE mustang display, the Fricke’s Camaros and the one lap Camaro test car.

Saturday is also a big day for some of the top builders across the country as the street rod and street machine of the year winners are announced following completion of the show. George Poteet and his Rad Rides built custom Ford Torino captured the hearts of the crowd as well as the judges and was named Street Machine winner while Ron Cizek’s 1940 Ford completed the 2013 sweep of Majors by winning the Riddler, the Goodguys Street Rod d’Elegance award and then capturing the Street Rod of the Year award at Columbus.

Sunday was more of your prototypical Goodguys Columbus show day. Temps were in the low 90’s and the sunshine abundant. Once again, 9:00 AM was the time for autocross action to begin. The Pro Class, Truck Class, Street machine and street Rod classes had all been trimmed down to 4 drivers in each class through a weekend of qualifying. Ryan Mathews who qualified in Stacy’s 1969 Camaro, took on Roger Burman in the 1970 Crusher Camaro in the first round and came out victorious. Next up was a date with Josh Leisinger in the finals. Oddly enough, Josh had qualified in the Crusher Camaro as well so Ryan would have to fend off the same car to claim the title. Ryan ran an ultra-smooth 35.5 while Josh could only manage a 35.7 while bumping over a cone and finishing with a 36.7.

Wrapping up Goodguys Columbus in style is the awards parade that cruises right past the DSE booth and into the Celeste building for the official award presentation. Over one hundred cars were paraded through bringing an end to the PPG Goodguys Columbus nationals.

The Goodguys Columbus show gives us the ability to put some hard miles on our cars. This year the team drove the DSE 1969 Camaro to the show, won the Pro Class Shootout and then drove it back to Mooresville. The DSE 1966 Mustang and One Lap of America Camaro Test Car also made the over 800 mile round trip from Mooresville, NC to Columbus, OH and back.

This show is always very special to us and will continue to be as long as Detroit speed is part of the hot rodding community. We are already anticipating the 2014 show and will see you next year in Columbus!

See pictures from the event.goodguys-columbus-2013-001


About Detroit Speed

Thank you for your interest in Detroit Speed, Inc. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know more about the capabilities of our company. We are excited about the prospect of helping you transform your project into a state-of-the-art car for the 21st century. Detroit Speed was founded to provide automotive components and systems which deliver late model vehicle ride and handling expected from a world class OEM vehicle. Detroit Speed has developed our own line of products that have been through extensive engineering analysis, testing, and development to assure our customers receive the highest quality performance parts with eye appeal. Each and every part we design is unique and meets only the highest DSE standards for fit, finish, and function. In addition, we distribute high quality products from other recognized companies in the automotive aftermarket that we have tested, meet our high standards, and have been successfully used in our own projects. We also have a complete fabrication facility to transform your vehicle into the ride of your dreams. Whether it is a turn-key project, rolling chassis, or custom fabrication project, we can handle it all. You will receive the highest quality work and attention to detail from our expert fabricators. We are confident we will exceed your expectations. The staff at Detroit Speed, Inc. is comprised of experienced automotive engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts whose love of cars is evident in the attention to detail in every project and every part. We have a staff of mechanical engineers that are involved with product development, analysis, and vehicle projects. Their expert background means that not only will your parts and projects look good, but they will function properly for many years to come. You can be sure you are getting only the best from Detroit Speed, Inc. Detroit Speed has accumulated a list of references including the highly acclaimed Twister Camaro. If you want to make a strong statement in the industry, we would like to talk with you in more detail about participating in your next project

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